Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ghost of Halloween past

Over time I've realized that Sam and I definitely have opposite theories on celebrating birthdays.  The minute it hits August 1st I spend the whole month talking about my birthday, and the whole week of my birthday is a "whatever Michelle wants she gets" kind of week.  Sam even magically comes up with new friends to celebrate my birthday after just PCS-ing to a new place (he's such a keeper).  He on the other hand shares his birthday with tons of ghost and goblins and never really make a big hoopla about it being his b-day.  I guess someone always ends up throwing him an epic party in the end, so maybe it's part of his master plan.  I have to say that if I could pick any holiday to have my birthday it would be Halloween, so I'm glad I lucked out and married into such a great birthday.  We've had soooo much fun celebrating over the years!!!! 

2007- You beat Hank Aaron's home run record, and I was "the fasted woman in the world" - steroids work wonder, eh? 

2008 - The government bailed both of us out.

2009 - You were playing Army even though it coincided with getting your results for passing the bar exam (lame).  But you allowed this awesomeness to happen, so I forgive you!  You would have made one heck of a Billy Ray!

2010 -  You had an addiction.  I chased you around Florida C-bus with your golf club.  

2011 - I sold my football regalia for some awesome tattoos. You paid the price and started standing on street corners looking for work.

2012  - You wore camo and went to a hot place covered in sand.  I decided not to go out this year because sand and my hair don't get along, duh.
2013 - You have a man-crush on Burt Reynolds and constantly give away that you're a secret agent.  I have freakishly large hands and shoot you in the foot for being an idiot.  You go around saying things like this:  "Burt Reynolds is my spirit guide" ** "Hey Cyril. Cyril. CYRIL! I'm saving Lana, as usual!"  ** "How'd you get life insurance, Lana? Don't they know you're in the danger zone?" ** "Lana. Lana. Lana? LANA! Danger zone."  I say things like:  "Did you say man-crush"** "Yes, I AM putting you in the corner" ** "Nooope!" ** "Yuppp!" **

This guy has definitely exceeded his goal of LIVING his 20's, and I'm glad I was around for the better part of it!  I can't wait to see what your thirties bring.  Our costumes can only get better, right? I love, Love, LOVE you!!!!! 

Happy Birthday, hubs!!!!!!!!

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