Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sunshine, clear water, and gorgeous views - Mallorca

Finally, we made it to sunshine and the beach in Europe!  We hopped over to the Baleric Islands for Memorial Day Weekend and went to an all inclusive resort in Mallorca, Spain.  It was great.  We basically moved from one lounge chair to the next with cava, sangria, or a fruity drink in our hands.  I even received a beach side massage for 10 Euro!!!  And naturally we ate WAY too much.  Can you believe the view?  It was like a dream.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of the same view day after day.
Main reason I chose this hotel.  Plenty of cute tiki hut umbrellas for the reflective one.

Gran Camp de Mar Hotel

 One thing that I have struggled with since the passing of my nephew is happiness bringing sadness. I think of him, I think of my sister and brother-in-law, my nieces and nephews, and I think about how his life was snatched away.  The whole trip I imagined him being there with us and thought of him sitting in the beach chair next to us.  It's simple I miss him and what his future held.  I recently received my most prized possession in the mail.  It's an imprint of his fingerprint.  I've decided to wear it to all of our destinations, so I can have him with me exploring new cities.  

The reflective one

I hope you enjoyed the view.  The only tip I have for visiting this island is know what you want to do.  There is a ton of hiking, caves, and beaches to explore.  Taxi's are pretty pricey due to the long distance covered (our resort was 45 minutes from the Ryanair airport).  We knew we didn't want to leave the resort for the vacation and needed all the sun and relaxation we could get, but if you want to be more adventurous book a rental car before you arrive. You can get cheap deals if you pre-book for the weekend.  We can't wait to go back and explore the island! I'll leave you with a few more pictures in case you can't get enough like me!

Cava in hand and sunburned feet

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  1. Omg "the reflective one"- LMAO! You are too funny! Those views are phenomenal! And it sounds so relaxing... drinks, beach, views. Ahh I almost felt like I was there!


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