Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Belgium friend visit - Bruges and Brussels

Boom!   Two posts in one week.  I must be bored.  No, just trying to blog about our trips before I forget about them all.  After stopping in Köln, we finally made it to Mons, Belgium late Thanksgiving day.  It was great to be re-united with friends from the states.  The guys were in the same OBC class, had the same first duty station, and now are both in Europe.  Our friends are stationed at SHAPE in Belgium.  Only a 4 hour drive away.  We took advantage of this closeness and decided to take a trip out to visit them for Turkey day.  
All Smiles!

They live about 1.5 hours from Bruges, so our first day we ventured out to see this town.  We enjoyed visiting this small town on the water.  It was gorgeous.  Luckily they had been there a few times and knew all of the good places to go.  

They are pros at strolling on cobblestone!

Beautiful canals were everywhere! 

We enjoyed our second Christmas market!

We ate Belgian waffles and drank good Belgian beer.  Yes, waffles taste waaaay better in Belgium.  Maybe because of the Belgian chocolate and whip cream on top?  

We also had a good time showing their daughter the Disney Frozen ice sculpture display.  

Ice slide!!!!

Our final day there we decided to go see some sights in Brussels.  This was only a 45 min drive from their house.  We first saw the Atonium, which was built in for the 1958 World's Fair.  It's a model of an Iron Crystal.  We went all the way to the top and saw a great view of Brussels.
This one's for you, Moira!

Next we ventured to mini-Europe.  It sounds corny, but it was neat to see tiny replicas of places around Europe.  It was also a good way to see and learn about all of the places Europe has to offer.  
View of mini Europe from the top of the Atonium.
We had a great time visiting this family, and are super jealous of their great location that is so close to Bruges and Brussels.  Next time we'll check out the beautiful downtown of Brussels.  Thanks for the awesome time, friends!

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  1. How beautiful!! I'm so glad that I found your blog! We may be moving to Germany for our next duty station (although it's still a ways off) so I love that I can get some good Germany ideas from you! :)



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