Sunday, July 7, 2013

We're Moving to Germany!!!!

HELLO WORLD!!!!! Well, that's what I'll be saying in my head tomorrow when we get on our plane to Germany. What a crazy journey we are about to embark on in 24 hours. Ever since my husband returned from Afghanistan it's felt like we're just planning one crazy vacation that involves packing our entire house up and getting a passport for the dog (Yes, Emma is coming too!). The weird thing to think about is that tons of people have done this exact process. Ending jobs, visiting family, getting a rental to the airport, and jumping on a flight across the ocean. So, my feelings of nervousness to immerse into a new culture and language, sadness to leave such great family and friends that held me up while Sam was deployed, anxiety that I won't find a job with my 7 years post undergraduate education, and excitement to travel and see old "stuff" is all too familiar to so many people across the generations. And the outcome from everyone I've talked to looking back on their experience is they don't regret a thing (except for not traveling enough). So, I'm putting my sadness, nervousness, and anxiety aside (for once in my life) and just going with the flow.  Wish us luck! 



Here's a pic of us when I visited Sam in Oxford, circa 2007.

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  1. Hey HEY hey! I'm so pumped for your big move! Can't wait to see photos of all the awesome places you'll visit. Have FUN! :)


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